March 28, 2011

March 28th, 2011, I saw a message posted on my wall.

I was surprised to see the language it was written in. And it influenced me to write this entry because of that friend. Not that I have never thought about writing but....

This is an article that might make some of you mad at me. But the truth is truth, we can't deny. If my parents had decided to teach me Nepali instead of Newari, I dont know may be I would have been different. But they decided to go with Newari instead and I am glad they did. I am proud on of my parents, my whole family who have taught their kids our own language.


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March 28th, the day I received email with a new that said, fill up forms.

In a way, its a good news at the same time not so good. Its good because finally its going to happen and hopefully they will do the faster one. Bad because I am stuck in the same place until I get it. That means my dream to go higher will need to stay on hold. Although this might be an opportunity for me to do better, improve my skills and get better success in the future.

Good luck to me....

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March 27, 2011

That moment I felt so awkward, I was a little sad too.

I want to exist you know. But then I let it go, just because you were in front of me, smiling,showing me that million dollar smile with that million dollar dimples.Oh I love it. Of course, it was awkward, really awkward, but what ever happened, happened for a reason.

Well, the reception was fun, met my good old friend from school, it was a surprise although I knew he would be there. We had a good time talking, cracking jokes etc etc. And of course, after party Lounge was fun too. I wish you had come along with me, but its okay. One good evening and late night out with friends.

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March 24, 2011

Sometimes I wonder, am I wasting time??? but the question remains unanswered.

It scares me, I look right I look left, I see its happening to everyone. Again, it raises another question in my head, what if. Then I somehow prepare myself but again, I can't.

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March 23, 2011

Finally despite the cold and cough, an evening together.

I wasn't sure if you would come or not. When you said to let you know, I was thinking, you wanted to tell me something may be although that remains a wish. I fear sometimes......

It feels like we haven't had dinner together sitting on those bar stools for so long time. Yeah last I remember was beginning of March and its the end now. I wish we get to spend more time together and I understand your workload. It felt good to have you by my side while having dinner together.

One evening, couple of hours together.

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March 22, 2011

How we always joke about taking sick leave?

Today we both are on sick leave, not planned to be sick either. But, we somehow started feeling sick last Wednesday morning. We both made it last week, starting Friday evening and weekend I was in a bad shape. You on the other hand, were not feeling as bad as I was. But starting yesterday, it hit you bad too. Both sick and taking rest, I am at my place and you are at yours.What an irony?

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March 21, 2011

What AT&T and T-Mobile Merger Means for Innovation

What does this mean to T-mobile. Last time, I was reading Nokia partnered with Microsoft,I was saying, will Nokia going to completely die. I guess now this time is T-mobile. Being a loyal customer of T-mobile, I didn't like the news and a little am worried. How's it going to change the service that I am getting from T-mobile? Their customer service is good unlike other services.

What kind of change, this will bring to T-mobile? Few years back AT&T bought Cingular,that name is no more in the market.I guess T-mobile will disappear the same way.I am not so looking forward to it though

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March 19, 2011

Ice Hockey, Wild Vs Blue Jackets March 19th

I guess third time is a charm.From last year, I have been wanting to go to Hockey game with you. I have had tickets too the other two times. But this time,we actually made it despite us being sick.

Ice Hockey is easy to understand so its fun to go watch the game. Saturday game was definitely fun. Both teams tried to shot as much as they can.There were at least three fights among the players during in the game, however second was funny. Referees didn't stop players, let them hit each other and watched them until, one fell on the Ice ring.

We were wondering why aren't they stopping, it was fun for the audience though. Although the Wild player was hitting the Blue Jackets player, so all Minnesotans were happy hehe...

After the game, we went to get some fish for me woohoo. Those couple of hours together watching game was nice.

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March 15, 2011

My experience, the kind of experience no one wants to have and no one should experience.

Today after work, I decided to go for a Car Wash. As I pulled in, I had the car in Drive then in Neutral. For some reason, I was a little bit scared to pull in, I did it anyway. The car in front seemed to be really close, and I was worried about hitting it. As the car started moving, suddenly I heard a loud 'Thud'. At that time, my wind shield was completely covered with soap. I was like what in the world, shoot, I hit the car in front. I was like oh lord, why did I decide to get the car wash today.

In the mean time, one of the car wash guys came over and said, you need to put in Neutral and no Brake. I showed him, and said I am in Neutral. I was little shaky and was in shock. Once the car wash was done, I went to vacuum area. I looked at the car in front of me, nothing had happened to it. I looked at mine, I didn't see anything either.

I was still in shock, my legs were shaky. It wasn't the best feeling though, and never want to feel that way again please. That very moment so many things came to my mind. If something really happens to me, I have no one, I mean no one, I can call. How sad and pathetic is it? But hopefully nothing happened to the car. If something really did, I will find out when I start and drive tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed.

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March 14, 2011

'March 14th, 2011', the day I got my flat screen.

Its nice, it better be right I paid enough money for it. We setup the TV, programmed it and watched it together for a little bit. In simple words, lets say, it was nice. I have been wanting to have one for a long time. Back in 2005, I wanted a big flat screen TV and at that time I couldn't afford one, it was very expensive too. So, I ended up buying Sanyo instead.

It doesn't feel any different to have my new TV, I will be really happy when I get what I need, one of the most important things in my life right now. But, I am happy to look with my Sony 46" BRAVIA EX500 Series. I can't wait to watch a nice movie, NBA game etc etc. But now, I need a DVD player, possibly a speaker system as well.

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March 13, 2011

Sunday, the day we spent together hanging out.

After having breakfast, we decided to get out do some shopping in Macy's for a comforter. We then went to JCPenney for Duvet, Victoria Secret to roam, Express to check out sale, Mac store for iPad, Radio Shack for new Sprint phone, Sun glass hut for sun glass, Best Buy to check out the theater system. After all this, we were hungry, went to Byerlys for food then the last place Target for nail polish.

Though I was having a terrible headache, it was so nice to hang out. After every thing, we came home, stayed for 10-15 minutes and you left. I wanted you to stay longer as always, but I knew you had to study. But you know it was great day.

Then during the evening, I talked Nhas and then to Rencha little bit, had my dinner leftover and went to bed.

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March 12, 2011

The article that made me want to own an iPad.

iPad looks cool, it a good gadget to have as we sit down and want to read something online. Its an expensive investment in a way. I don't want to spend that much for an iPad but after reading that article 'TechCrunch Review -- The iPad 2: Yeah, You're Gonna Want One.', I felt like I want to have one, but its not my need so, I will pass for now.

Its so thin, super sweet looking too. On top of that the new cover which cleans the screen makes it even nicer I guess.

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The past couple days of not feeling well, made me miss mom dad.

So, I finally gave a missed call home. Dad called me, talked to mom dad for over half hour.

After the call got disconnected, I talked to Nhas. Later that night, I started thinking about everything again. I have been trying to take it 'cool', but it hit me once again. Its in my head again, will it ever go away, will something ever change in life. I look right, I look left, its happening to everyone but why mine is the weirdest.

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March 8, 2011

The moment that reminded me of my home,my mom and dad.

Since I had lunch at Jake's last Thursday,I've not been feeling good.I thought may be I had Gastric. I also was eating Hajmola, Hingoli to feel better for my stomach. Then on Saturday evening,I drank almost a bottle of Soda with Lemon. Sunday, during lunch I had some more,right after that I felt odd with my throat.

By Sunday evening,I was coughing,then Monday it was worse. I went to work anyway,boy I felt miserable. Everytime I coughed, my head hurt more and more, my chest did too. On top of that knee joints started feeling weak.So, I left early at 4.30pm, I went and got some dinner and ate then went to bed.At around 9.15, I woke up. I started coughing, now my head hurt even more.It hurt so much that I missed my home,missed being by my mom and dad.When I get sick and am in so much pain, I miss home so much. This is the worst part of being away from home.

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March 6, 2011

Its a Sunday, as I was changing channels, I saw Lakers vs San Antonio game was about to start.

Right now the score is 46 vs 24 in the 2nd quarter 6.47 minutes left.

I was talking to Rencha over skype while she made gazaar's haluwa. We were chatting about who is going to come, what we are doing etc etc. That's when Reeta called me, we talked for few minutes.

My phone rang again, the caller asked me 'this is what I am thinking, what should we do?'. Well, sudden plan with a backup plan was made. I said bye to Rencha, got ready and headed out. We went to downtown and ended up not going with the original plan. Instead we went to eat in Pei Wei and went to watch Adjustment Bureau at our favorite theater. The movies turned out to be a nice one. I enjoyed the it, we both enjoyed yet. I wish someone would sacrifice if not that at least compromise on things and love me so much too. But, it is definitely a good movie.

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March 5, 2011

One Friday evening spent together made it more special with all those food and movie.

Two weeks ago, we talked about having bhoye yesterday or this weekend. Friday afternoon the afternoon seem to go very slow after 2pm. It felt like the clock had stopped moving. When I wanted to be home as early as I could. So, by 5pm, I was out. I came home, got fresh, then started making the food.

Menu for our bhoye
- Baji
- Cho:n Aloo
- Nya Golbheyda
- Kachigu achaar
- Cauli
- Shrimp choyela
- Baraa, paloo aloo waalau
- Ayla

At around 7.15pm, you got here, you started working for the Baraa, paloo aloo. After wards, we ordered my TV and then at 8pm, we started having bhoye. The food was tasty, it was tastier because we had the food together. Why would not the food taste better when you eat with a good looking man by my side, the man whom I want to be. Oh you take my breadth away 'jim yoma'. After wards, we watched a cho po madugu film and then a funny Newa series. And sure it was fun.

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March 3, 2011

I wanna sing my heart out tonight.

Music is my interest, along with singing and playing guitar are my hobbies. Although I don't sing as much anymore nor I play guitar. Today I sang for a while and recorded, it felt great.

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March 2, 2011

What's happeng? I need to put stop to this.

Every day after work, I login to my machine thinking I will do some productive work. But, somehow I end up either talking to Rencha, surfing stuff, reading new and sometimes I don't know how I end up spending./wasting my time. So, here I am today, doing the same thing. I am getting tired now and nothing has been accomplished, not good.

Lastly, I have to write, some people are too much into their girlfriends and some are too much into their joint family and friends, frustrating...

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March 1, 2011

Today is a very special day for a very good friend of mine.

Unfortunately, I couldn't even wish my friend in person Happy Birthday. But, my best wishes are always with my friend.

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