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Ice Hockey, Wild Vs Blue Jackets March 19th

I guess third time is a charm.From last year, I have been wanting to go to Hockey game with you. I have had tickets too the other two times. But this time,we actually made it despite us being sick.

Ice Hockey is easy to understand so its fun to go watch the game. Saturday game was definitely fun. Both teams tried to shot as much as they can.There were at least three fights among the players during in the game, however second was funny. Referees didn't stop players, let them hit each other and watched them until, one fell on the Ice ring.

We were wondering why aren't they stopping, it was fun for the audience though. Although the Wild player was hitting the Blue Jackets player, so all Minnesotans were happy hehe...

After the game, we went to get some fish for me woohoo. Those couple of hours together watching game was nice.

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