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Its a Sunday, as I was changing channels, I saw Lakers vs San Antonio game was about to start.

Right now the score is 46 vs 24 in the 2nd quarter 6.47 minutes left.

I was talking to Rencha over skype while she made gazaar's haluwa. We were chatting about who is going to come, what we are doing etc etc. That's when Reeta called me, we talked for few minutes.

My phone rang again, the caller asked me 'this is what I am thinking, what should we do?'. Well, sudden plan with a backup plan was made. I said bye to Rencha, got ready and headed out. We went to downtown and ended up not going with the original plan. Instead we went to eat in Pei Wei and went to watch Adjustment Bureau at our favorite theater. The movies turned out to be a nice one. I enjoyed the it, we both enjoyed yet. I wish someone would sacrifice if not that at least compromise on things and love me so much too. But, it is definitely a good movie.


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