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'March 14th, 2011', the day I got my flat screen.

Its nice, it better be right I paid enough money for it. We setup the TV, programmed it and watched it together for a little bit. In simple words, lets say, it was nice. I have been wanting to have one for a long time. Back in 2005, I wanted a big flat screen TV and at that time I couldn't afford one, it was very expensive too. So, I ended up buying Sanyo instead.

It doesn't feel any different to have my new TV, I will be really happy when I get what I need, one of the most important things in my life right now. But, I am happy to look with my Sony 46" BRAVIA EX500 Series. I can't wait to watch a nice movie, NBA game etc etc. But now, I need a DVD player, possibly a speaker system as well.

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