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My experience, the kind of experience no one wants to have and no one should experience.

Today after work, I decided to go for a Car Wash. As I pulled in, I had the car in Drive then in Neutral. For some reason, I was a little bit scared to pull in, I did it anyway. The car in front seemed to be really close, and I was worried about hitting it. As the car started moving, suddenly I heard a loud 'Thud'. At that time, my wind shield was completely covered with soap. I was like what in the world, shoot, I hit the car in front. I was like oh lord, why did I decide to get the car wash today.

In the mean time, one of the car wash guys came over and said, you need to put in Neutral and no Brake. I showed him, and said I am in Neutral. I was little shaky and was in shock. Once the car wash was done, I went to vacuum area. I looked at the car in front of me, nothing had happened to it. I looked at mine, I didn't see anything either.

I was still in shock, my legs were shaky. It wasn't the best feeling though, and never want to feel that way again please. That very moment so many things came to my mind. If something really happens to me, I have no one, I mean no one, I can call. How sad and pathetic is it? But hopefully nothing happened to the car. If something really did, I will find out when I start and drive tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed.

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