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One Friday evening spent together made it more special with all those food and movie.

Two weeks ago, we talked about having bhoye yesterday or this weekend. Friday afternoon the afternoon seem to go very slow after 2pm. It felt like the clock had stopped moving. When I wanted to be home as early as I could. So, by 5pm, I was out. I came home, got fresh, then started making the food.

Menu for our bhoye
- Baji
- Cho:n Aloo
- Nya Golbheyda
- Kachigu achaar
- Cauli
- Shrimp choyela
- Baraa, paloo aloo waalau
- Ayla

At around 7.15pm, you got here, you started working for the Baraa, paloo aloo. After wards, we ordered my TV and then at 8pm, we started having bhoye. The food was tasty, it was tastier because we had the food together. Why would not the food taste better when you eat with a good looking man by my side, the man whom I want to be. Oh you take my breadth away 'jim yoma'. After wards, we watched a cho po madugu film and then a funny Newa series. And sure it was fun.


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