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Sunday, the day we spent together hanging out.

After having breakfast, we decided to get out do some shopping in Macy's for a comforter. We then went to JCPenney for Duvet, Victoria Secret to roam, Express to check out sale, Mac store for iPad, Radio Shack for new Sprint phone, Sun glass hut for sun glass, Best Buy to check out the theater system. After all this, we were hungry, went to Byerlys for food then the last place Target for nail polish.

Though I was having a terrible headache, it was so nice to hang out. After every thing, we came home, stayed for 10-15 minutes and you left. I wanted you to stay longer as always, but I knew you had to study. But you know it was great day.

Then during the evening, I talked Nhas and then to Rencha little bit, had my dinner leftover and went to bed.

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