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The article that made me want to own an iPad.

iPad looks cool, it a good gadget to have as we sit down and want to read something online. Its an expensive investment in a way. I don't want to spend that much for an iPad but after reading that article 'TechCrunch Review -- The iPad 2: Yeah, You're Gonna Want One.', I felt like I want to have one, but its not my need so, I will pass for now.

Its so thin, super sweet looking too. On top of that the new cover which cleans the screen makes it even nicer I guess.


I like the new cover but I'll almost guarantee that the little attachment flap is not going to last for much more than a month. The magnetic sleep mode is a great idea. I'm sure more companies will pick up this feature as the IPad2's pick up steam in the marketplace.


I remember when I have seen iPad 1 for the first time and I can say that I wanted that piece of technology really from the absolutely first day I have seen it. Well, I've never had enough money for this future gadget and now there is iPad 2 that is even better and I still don't have money for it..

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