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The moment that reminded me of my home,my mom and dad.

Since I had lunch at Jake's last Thursday,I've not been feeling good.I thought may be I had Gastric. I also was eating Hajmola, Hingoli to feel better for my stomach. Then on Saturday evening,I drank almost a bottle of Soda with Lemon. Sunday, during lunch I had some more,right after that I felt odd with my throat.

By Sunday evening,I was coughing,then Monday it was worse. I went to work anyway,boy I felt miserable. Everytime I coughed, my head hurt more and more, my chest did too. On top of that knee joints started feeling weak.So, I left early at 4.30pm, I went and got some dinner and ate then went to bed.At around 9.15, I woke up. I started coughing, now my head hurt even more.It hurt so much that I missed my home,missed being by my mom and dad.When I get sick and am in so much pain, I miss home so much. This is the worst part of being away from home.

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