April 29, 2011

Today I found out about AWS being down...

Then I found this article 'A crack in the cloud: Why the Amazon outage caught so many by surprise'.


I am sure it was a big deal for those, who are running their application in Cloud using AWS. But again, its just a technology, things can always break. Its funny how much of an issue it becomes from a backup goes wrong. Apparently, a backup router was improperly configured during routine upgrade which caused failure of Elastic Block Store (EBS) system.

I am so sure tons of employees lost their sleep due to this failure.

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April 27, 2011

One good Tuesday evening having dinner together.

It was a rainy day, of course, and every time the day is like that, it makes us want to have momo. It was the same yesterday. I was excited making plans during the day. After work, gym, yoga, skype session, I made the achaar, which was tasty.

The fact that we both enjoyed the dinner, it was even better. After a whole day work and then class, I am happy we had a good dinner together.

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April 25, 2011

I was so bored yesterday during the day that I started worrying about the week that has just started.

Because I don't want to stay a Monday feeling bored, sad whatever. But spending little time with you last night,gave me strength.Now,I know the week will be fine and will pass quickly.I will try my best to do something to get not bored like yesterday. However if I do get bored,I will remember you and the time we have spent together.

And you do make me want to do things that I have be holding on to, or may be I have been hesitant about. I mean good things. Maybe that's why I am proud and happy to be with you. I cherish every moment I am with you, always have and always will.

Have a great day....

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April 24, 2011

Time is valuable, time does not wait for anyone if you can't decide between Career and Relationship.

If you keep waiting for your career to rise, and shine it might be too late for other things in life and all you have left would be, I wish, ifs, but etc. Well, time, career and relationship are a big and very important topic of life. With things that are going around, made me want to write about it even more than ever.

While I was in bed, I started thinking about it. For some, this topic might not matter whereas for some, its matters a lot. I know a lot of us want to make a career before we decide to settle down and may be many do other things. But,once you meet someone you 'really' want, you should re-think about it.

Career is important and so is relationship. If you are, one of those, who wants to spend rest of his/her life alone, doing every thing alone, this entry is not for them, if not, it is. Career and relationship, time has a big hand on it.

Perhaps, once you have the degrees you want to get, you might get chance to make a career anytime in life. But,the one whom you really love, really care, might not come again and again. Relationships are hard to come, no matter how much you try or do whatever, once the right loved one is gone, he/she is gone.

You can regret, look back, tell yourself 'I shouldn't have done this, I shouldn't have taken relationship for granted'', but by the time you realize, it might be too late and all you have left is once again, if, but, I wish. So, think what is important to you, your career or relationship which comes with love, care, support and many more things.

A lot of things get easier when you are together. Of course, its not going to be easy at all times, as we all know this is life and its a roller coaster. So,being together, choosing a relationship is not going to shatter your dreams.

Fortunately or unfortunately, things 'change', plans do not work out as expected and things happen in life. Knowingly or unknowingly things happen. But at last, things happen whatever its written in your forehead.

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April 23, 2011

Today I woke up with a call from my parents, which is good, but again I missed their call so..

After I missed my parents call, I came to my computer and started looking at my Inbox. I then logged into facebook to reply to an email. That's when I ended up finding this movie '500 days of Summer', now I can't wait to watch it. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1022603/

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April 20, 2011

The past few days....

This week has been odd, oddly I feel even more odd. The week is all about I don't know. There is so much I need to and want to do, but I can't. I need to reach to the top of the mountain and I can't seem to get there. A part of it is my fault. I have been doing so much thinking too, but the thought remains a thought. The thought needs to be put into action, action that will actually happen. And one day, I can look back and tell myself, that was a thought and I made it happen. Now, I need to come up with a new thought. Again, make that thought come true and make it happen.

Life is a roller coaster, things keeps happening which makes us work hard. But, it doesn't always work that way. While I talk about this life, lets listen to Bruno's 'Lazy Song' and Enjoy!!!


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April 18, 2011

Once again, feels like life is going nowhere.

Since yesterday afternoon, I am feeling weird. And today I started thinking again. I can't seem to be able to do anything in life either. This is a very scary feeling. When I look back and look at present, seems like I haven't accomplished anything. I feel like time is running out and I am still standing on that spot from million years. Although after expressing how I was feeling, you made me feel better. I need to push myself.

April 18th, 2011 @ 6pm

We went to pick up the new phone, oh its hot and sexy. HTC-evoshiftslide_original.pngI want to play with it.

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April 17, 2011

A weekend, in which we did bunch of stuff.

Friday evening started out with an Alumni Networking, which was okay. There were few people of our age. Luckily, I met two of the friends from school. The food was good, at least that was good. After wards, after coming home, we watched 'A Lot Like Love' then 'The god must be crazy'. Although we finished that movie the next day.

Saturday shopping in the Rosedale Mall went okay. Although you made me worry when you were feeling dizzy. I didn't say anything but I was scared what if you pass out. That's the last thing, I wanted to happen. We were looking to sit down and every bench was occupied. And finding the Vending machine for Diet Coke that you wanted became a story for few minutes, when the machine didn't take $5 bills. Everything worked out, I am glad you felt fine after wards. Here is the result of DSW, 'GUESS' second shoe of year 2011.

One of the best things about Saturday was that you talked to my sister, she was happy. Its high time, you get over your uncomfortableness. Overall, chatamari dinner turned out fine. One bad part was after having drink, I was spinning. I hadn't drank a lot but, I am not sure what happened. That was one of the worst feelings one could ever have. Never in my life, I want to feel that way again.

Today after talking to Nhas, I have been feeling dizzy. I sat on the sofa and talked to Singhal my friend, I felt even worse after that. I thought may be, I should eat something and had some Wai Wai soup, didn't help. Its 8.48pm, and I still feel weird. Hopefully this will go away and I will feel normal again.

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April 12, 2011

I am not sure what kind of day today was/is.

I started out fine, ended up writing emails to Kate at U for MBA, then the banker, then talked to a lawyer. Banker's email came fine. Lawyer's response, I am not sure what to think. Then again, had to talk to the Apt manager, which went okay. So, its one of those days, I can't tell whether I accomplished something or I didn't, I am not sure. And again call my babu, about his situation, hopefully things will go fine with him.

Tomorrow is the mid of the week, hopefully will be a productive day, I will accomplish something, learn something new, do something good. Now its time to get back to reading the new.

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April 11, 2011

Today, I got a message that said 'Are you applying for Fall?'

My answer was, I want to but I haven't done anything. But after I talked to Jesse, I feel like I should apply before its late. My desire to go for MBA in Carlson School of Management. Sometimes I get confused, sometimes I don't want to thinking about all the assignments, paper, reading material. I know its my dream from a young age but, whether it will happen this year or not, is a big question.

Sometimes I think, I just got a masters last year, I should wait a little bit. But again, if I wait too long, I will never be able to do this, as it will take at least 3 years to finish here. Its a 57 credit degree. If I take, 2 courses per semester, I will finish only 4 in a way which means 4.75 years meaning 5 years. So, if I want to get done early, I need to take 18 credits a year, it will get done in 3 years. The cost would be $20,000/year only tuition. Oh lord which means I won't have money and won't have a life either.....

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April 8, 2011

We all have been hearing about Global warming.

New York set to be big loser as sea levels rise

I don't think there is anyone who didn't watch Al Gore's video about Global Warming, which I thought was very interesting and informational. Although some people think, it's a money making strategy, Umm...What do you think ? The things he has said, now its happening. In summer, different parts of the world are experiencing extremely hot weather. Different states of US are having shortage of water etc etc...Yes some people do not believe in it. I don't know why.

Oh well, anyway its 'Weekly world news quiz' time, 3-5: Slow Train (5/7)

I like reading BBC news everyday, although, its been a while, I don't go to BBC page anymore. Instead I read Google Reader and when I am interested to read the entire article I go to BBC.

Its been years, I have been reading BBC and do the Friday quiz. The past few months, I have done bad but today, first 5 questions I got it right. I felt like, oh I am actually doing good. The last two questions however, I was clueless and got it wrong.

We finally made it for a walk, it was nice, although it was a little chilly. But having you by my side made it better. It was nice to just walk, talk, walk and talk. There is this different type of relaxation being with you. I hope you get enough time to go over and prepare for your presentation tomorrow. Regardless what we do, moment spent together are priceless, means a lot, hope it will always remain that way.

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Thursday evening, one good evening hanging out with a new friend.

After work, we had planned to go for a drink and food, and sit down to chit chat. We decided to meet up at 6.30 at Buffalo Wild Wings where we stayed for may be little over an hour.

After that, we came to my place and once again talked about different stuff. It was fun, I mean it was really fun. Finally I am feeling like I am back to being the same person who used to hang out with friends. I think we both had good time hanging out. .

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April 6, 2011

A sudden plan to watch movie turned out to be so good.

Its getting warmer, during the day, we were talking about going for a walk together. I had to meet one of my friends after work. I met her, we talked, walked around. I was about to pull out from the lot that's when I got a text message, 'Did you get the cable?' so I had to go. How can I not go when I know you would come to watch the movie?

It was almost 8am, I rushed to get back, on the way, I took a wrong exit and ended up wasting time few minutes, which at that time. I went to the grocery store, got some tomatoes and rushed to make dinner. It took me 30-45 minutes to make everything ready. There I was worried you would reach my place before I did, hehe....

It was nice to do stuff together. By the time, we had dinner and started movie, it was very late. Overall, I loved spending that few hours together. Priceless moments together, I can never get enough of it.

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April 3, 2011

The rest of the Chicago trip.

The trip hasn't been as adventurous as it was getting to the airport to make it to the flight but, it was nice. Yesterday, we made it to 'The Second City' to watch comedy, the show we watched was funny. http://www.secondcity.com/. After wards trying to get to a restaurant to find something eat was awful. We finally found a restaurant, who made the worst pizza in the world. After eating that no one would want to eat a Pizza. We were hungry so we had to eat that pizza anyway.

The day started around 10am, we went to Millennium Park, shot some pictures. Then we walked to find Siam's Rice. I wanted to eat 'Drunken noodles' so badly, forgot to check if they are open during weekend or not. We were outside the restaurant and to our surprise, it was closed. It was funny, so much for nothing. But that Ruby's Siam's wasn't the best place for Thai food though.

However, Sushi for dinner was great. They definitely made good Sushi, I feel like eating. http://www.friendssushi.com/. Other than breakfast this was the best food we had.

Once again, had breakfast in Corner Bakery, the some pictures, then checkout from hotel and headed to airport. This time there was no drama or rush rush reaching the airport or flight. It all went as planned. However, there was so much turbulence in the flight, I almost got a headache.

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April 1, 2011

The story of waking the good looking, getting to the airport and getting into the flight.

It was April 1st,so called April fool's day. The day which almost made us fool outta ourselves because we almost didn't reach where we were supposed to. Of course, thanks to that good looking man who fell asleep and didn't hear a dozen calls I made.

I woke up at 3.45am, made the first call at 4am. It went to voice mail, I thought after shower, I will call again. The next 75 minutes, I kept calling 10-15 minutes apart. But, it kept going to voice mail. I thought of driving there too, but again, I might have gotten scolding. So, I waited instead, waited waited and waited patiently. Of course by that time, I know he has fallen asleep. Worse come to worse, I thought we will miss the flight and I will go back to work. My $$$ will be wasted, you will have to make another appointment and buy another ticket. Seemed like that was going to happen. I started thinking, may be this is the sign because you don't want to go anywhere with me anyway, god knows why.

At 5.15, finally the call got picked up. That's when he realized he had slept 75 minutes extra. In the next few minutes, I got another call, I thought now what. So, this is where the real adventure starts.

We headed to downtown, in a rush rush, we bought the train ticket. It was dark, we were late, we didn't see each other. I was in wrong side of the station trying to get in. Finally I heard a voice, wrong side. I thought, I would be left alone there.

The train kept making stops at its usual stops and finally it was our stop. By the time, we reached airport it was almost 6.30 am and our flight was at 7am. The security line was huge, didn't look like we will make it to the gate. Luckily expert traveler line was short and we cleared security shortly. After that we ran to the gate. I have never run that much in my high heels and today I did. I reached the gate, and I got myself boarded but you were no anywhere near. I told the lady to wait, she said 'you have 2-3 minutes'. After all the running around, we ended up in two different gates.

Now that I look back, it all seems funny. Although the best part about today however was the breakfast, lunch was okay and dinner was terrible.

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