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A sudden plan to watch movie turned out to be so good.

Its getting warmer, during the day, we were talking about going for a walk together. I had to meet one of my friends after work. I met her, we talked, walked around. I was about to pull out from the lot that's when I got a text message, 'Did you get the cable?' so I had to go. How can I not go when I know you would come to watch the movie?

It was almost 8am, I rushed to get back, on the way, I took a wrong exit and ended up wasting time few minutes, which at that time. I went to the grocery store, got some tomatoes and rushed to make dinner. It took me 30-45 minutes to make everything ready. There I was worried you would reach my place before I did, hehe....

It was nice to do stuff together. By the time, we had dinner and started movie, it was very late. Overall, I loved spending that few hours together. Priceless moments together, I can never get enough of it.

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