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A weekend, in which we did bunch of stuff.

Friday evening started out with an Alumni Networking, which was okay. There were few people of our age. Luckily, I met two of the friends from school. The food was good, at least that was good. After wards, after coming home, we watched 'A Lot Like Love' then 'The god must be crazy'. Although we finished that movie the next day.

Saturday shopping in the Rosedale Mall went okay. Although you made me worry when you were feeling dizzy. I didn't say anything but I was scared what if you pass out. That's the last thing, I wanted to happen. We were looking to sit down and every bench was occupied. And finding the Vending machine for Diet Coke that you wanted became a story for few minutes, when the machine didn't take $5 bills. Everything worked out, I am glad you felt fine after wards. Here is the result of DSW, 'GUESS' second shoe of year 2011.

One of the best things about Saturday was that you talked to my sister, she was happy. Its high time, you get over your uncomfortableness. Overall, chatamari dinner turned out fine. One bad part was after having drink, I was spinning. I hadn't drank a lot but, I am not sure what happened. That was one of the worst feelings one could ever have. Never in my life, I want to feel that way again.

Today after talking to Nhas, I have been feeling dizzy. I sat on the sofa and talked to Singhal my friend, I felt even worse after that. I thought may be, I should eat something and had some Wai Wai soup, didn't help. Its 8.48pm, and I still feel weird. Hopefully this will go away and I will feel normal again.

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