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The rest of the Chicago trip.

The trip hasn't been as adventurous as it was getting to the airport to make it to the flight but, it was nice. Yesterday, we made it to 'The Second City' to watch comedy, the show we watched was funny. http://www.secondcity.com/. After wards trying to get to a restaurant to find something eat was awful. We finally found a restaurant, who made the worst pizza in the world. After eating that no one would want to eat a Pizza. We were hungry so we had to eat that pizza anyway.

The day started around 10am, we went to Millennium Park, shot some pictures. Then we walked to find Siam's Rice. I wanted to eat 'Drunken noodles' so badly, forgot to check if they are open during weekend or not. We were outside the restaurant and to our surprise, it was closed. It was funny, so much for nothing. But that Ruby's Siam's wasn't the best place for Thai food though.

However, Sushi for dinner was great. They definitely made good Sushi, I feel like eating. http://www.friendssushi.com/. Other than breakfast this was the best food we had.

Once again, had breakfast in Corner Bakery, the some pictures, then checkout from hotel and headed to airport. This time there was no drama or rush rush reaching the airport or flight. It all went as planned. However, there was so much turbulence in the flight, I almost got a headache.


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