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Time is valuable, time does not wait for anyone if you can't decide between Career and Relationship.

If you keep waiting for your career to rise, and shine it might be too late for other things in life and all you have left would be, I wish, ifs, but etc. Well, time, career and relationship are a big and very important topic of life. With things that are going around, made me want to write about it even more than ever.

While I was in bed, I started thinking about it. For some, this topic might not matter whereas for some, its matters a lot. I know a lot of us want to make a career before we decide to settle down and may be many do other things. But,once you meet someone you 'really' want, you should re-think about it.

Career is important and so is relationship. If you are, one of those, who wants to spend rest of his/her life alone, doing every thing alone, this entry is not for them, if not, it is. Career and relationship, time has a big hand on it.

Perhaps, once you have the degrees you want to get, you might get chance to make a career anytime in life. But,the one whom you really love, really care, might not come again and again. Relationships are hard to come, no matter how much you try or do whatever, once the right loved one is gone, he/she is gone.

You can regret, look back, tell yourself 'I shouldn't have done this, I shouldn't have taken relationship for granted'', but by the time you realize, it might be too late and all you have left is once again, if, but, I wish. So, think what is important to you, your career or relationship which comes with love, care, support and many more things.

A lot of things get easier when you are together. Of course, its not going to be easy at all times, as we all know this is life and its a roller coaster. So,being together, choosing a relationship is not going to shatter your dreams.

Fortunately or unfortunately, things 'change', plans do not work out as expected and things happen in life. Knowingly or unknowingly things happen. But at last, things happen whatever its written in your forehead.


Very interesting blog. This is very true, lot of people, us alike forget to put things in "perspective" and forget about whats important in life. Career is one of those, job comes and goes, but live will never come back. You miss one opportunity to a job but you might get one another time in few months or years, but not thing compares to being with loved one.

Yes I agree with every point you made here . Whatever you do in life is worthless when you have no one beside you to appreciate .

Its hard to find a true love and when you feel that you have found, i genuinely believe that you should not take chance and instantly seize the moment.

Hope i am going to do right thing now...

If i deserve, many more career opportunities will come my way...

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