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Today, I got a message that said 'Are you applying for Fall?'

My answer was, I want to but I haven't done anything. But after I talked to Jesse, I feel like I should apply before its late. My desire to go for MBA in Carlson School of Management. Sometimes I get confused, sometimes I don't want to thinking about all the assignments, paper, reading material. I know its my dream from a young age but, whether it will happen this year or not, is a big question.

Sometimes I think, I just got a masters last year, I should wait a little bit. But again, if I wait too long, I will never be able to do this, as it will take at least 3 years to finish here. Its a 57 credit degree. If I take, 2 courses per semester, I will finish only 4 in a way which means 4.75 years meaning 5 years. So, if I want to get done early, I need to take 18 credits a year, it will get done in 3 years. The cost would be $20,000/year only tuition. Oh lord which means I won't have money and won't have a life either.....

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