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We all have been hearing about Global warming.

New York set to be big loser as sea levels rise

I don't think there is anyone who didn't watch Al Gore's video about Global Warming, which I thought was very interesting and informational. Although some people think, it's a money making strategy, Umm...What do you think ? The things he has said, now its happening. In summer, different parts of the world are experiencing extremely hot weather. Different states of US are having shortage of water etc etc...Yes some people do not believe in it. I don't know why.

Oh well, anyway its 'Weekly world news quiz' time, 3-5: Slow Train (5/7)

I like reading BBC news everyday, although, its been a while, I don't go to BBC page anymore. Instead I read Google Reader and when I am interested to read the entire article I go to BBC.

Its been years, I have been reading BBC and do the Friday quiz. The past few months, I have done bad but today, first 5 questions I got it right. I felt like, oh I am actually doing good. The last two questions however, I was clueless and got it wrong.

We finally made it for a walk, it was nice, although it was a little chilly. But having you by my side made it better. It was nice to just walk, talk, walk and talk. There is this different type of relaxation being with you. I hope you get enough time to go over and prepare for your presentation tomorrow. Regardless what we do, moment spent together are priceless, means a lot, hope it will always remain that way.


New York? I would think that Louisiana would be worse off due to the damage from Hurricane Katrina

Global warming is very complex term. I’m sure that everything on our Planet happens cyclical. And humans are too presumptuous to imagine that we can affect something here. There are many interesting programs on Discovery tv about weather changes impact to civilizations through centuries. They are very educational. As I remember in my childhood about thirty years ago teachers frightened us with Ice age. Now we have global warming. Fear breeds terror. I’m sure that we have to live every day as our last day and then everything will be ok.

In response to Espresso's post. Global warming is a very simple term meaning planet-wide increase in temperatures. When all warming and cooling factors are considered it becomes clear that anthropogenic global warming is happening. We have almost doubled the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere in 200 years. Please continue to bury your head in the sand, preferably on a beach (which will of course be under water soon).

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