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A crazy day today, whatever I am working on, I couldn't complete it.

Then at 2.04pm, I found out I need to do a presentation during the meeting tomorrow. I haven't done any prep for it.

Guess what the topic 'IVVC', the project. I wanted to present on this topic, even thought its hard, but I wanted to do because, it would help me understand myself, how much I understand or how much I can explain to a new person.

The only bad part is, at the last moment I found out. Other than the Technical Writer, other have no clue about this. All I know is, no one wants to work on it. And when people ask question, I want to be able to answer it.

Not much is coming to my head how to present. Had it been about the interest in learning new language or music, I would ACE it hehe......

Worked with my one time best friend to fix my resume, it was good. Then talked to Rencha about hows she feeling and how I am feeling.

I just went over the algorithm on my head, and I think I will do fine.


Great post, i like it

seams like you have interesting day?

Just continue your work, good luck

Appreciate this post. Will try it out.

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