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A long memorial weekend but I have no plan. In a way, its okay I guess.

Three weeks ago, I said bye to you, it was hard to see you go. Now one more week and you will be here. I am excited but until I see you, every day, hour, minute and second is going to be feel long.

Today is the first day of the long weekend, I have no plan. I wanted to sleep till little late and I did. I then had breakfast, took shower and headed out. While I was trying out clothes in Macy's, I was thinking about you. Then the same moment my phone rang, I looked at the caller ID, and I knew it was you.

I didn't want to say bye yet, but how long could I have stayed on the phone while shopping in Macy's. And I knew you were tired and wanted you to get some rest. Knowing a little bit, how you feel, makes me feel good a little.

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