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First Monday, without you here, was thinking day would feel long without your text messages.

As I logged into email, seeing your email made me smile, along with messages from my frens, felt good. I read everyone's messages and then left yours at last. I wanted to give enough time to read it. :)

Little nervous due to weight gain, but I think I will be fine.

I saw two missed calls and there were two voice messages, I thought second one has to be you. And it was you, it was nice to hear your voice darling. So, as I logged into Skype, you came online, you were waiting for me. It was nice to talk to you. Expressed to you as always how I was feeling. And started talking talking talking as I always because you make me.

There I was, wanting to know how your days have been going, what you did etc etc. I won't say never because that would be a wrong word. So, to make it clear, I should say, you seldomly tell me things. It makes me wonder why you do that, and at times I feel sad, may be you still do not want to involve me in anything. Then again I hope, but again it remains a hope and wish unfortunately. I don't know what I have to do or what will change this. Until that happens, I keep wishing, hoping for the best. Isn't that what I have been doing for almost two years now? It gets tiring sometimes.

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