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So the day went okay although didn't get a good sleep and I am tired.

The presentation went okay and that's what some of the coworkers told me. One of them told me, they found a new Technical Writer and that's me, I thought it was funny.

The day was busy at work, waited for your emails or call, nothing came. But, I wrote to you two emails thought may be you would be expecting my reply. However, sometimes day feels longer, since I do not see your text message all day. But, I think the remaining 3+ weeks will go, while I keep missing everything.

Well, I was earlier in Oracle and Dice sites. Both sites are absolutely horrible. Both sites, wouldn't exactly tell you what you missed. If you type a city name with (.) in it, it would complain. Why can't it give a user friendly error message, that would save the time and frustration. But, who is going to point this out to them.

All right, I am off to bed, too tired to type anything..


another great day?

great to know-thanks alot for sharing

Few moment of rest is worth a million after completing your work

seems to be a great day of fun...Best wishes

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