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The day, Sunday of a long weekend.

I woke up, got fresh, had breakfast, sat in front of the computer, then to the gym.

Its not sunny today like yesterday, makes me wanna have momo, but you are not here here with me to do so. Otherwise, I would. Oh well, feels good to burn some calories. Thinking what should I do today.

One of my friends called, talked about shopping, hanging out etc etc. I went to JCPenney, thinking to buy some stuff, but didn't find anything interesting though. I guess good, I saved money hehe...

As I entered Target, I heard my phone ring. I spent less than 10 minutes and headed home. Talking to you, made me forget I am alone. I like hearing what you did during the day. Distance wise so far, but thanks for the technology, which has made things so much easier. Less than a week to go.

I don't seem to understand the question in Critical Reasoning part. I understand the passage but the questions are meant to confuse you. However, Data Sufficiency part confused me at first. Once I did 1 or 2, it cleared my confusion.

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