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The last weekend before you headed to Europe.

On Friday, I wanted to see you even more because you had been stressed out with school, your upcoming trip, gifts and everything. Friday evening Seminar went fine. After wards, I liked hanging out in the coffee shop while playing game. Then having Stella together, eating that spicy fresh shrimp spring roll, my mouth is watering and the movie at the end.

We spent half a day together but doesn't feel enough. The graduation party in the evening was fun, however you were in my mind for the most part. Expecting you would write to me and you did. A fun evening with friends, laughing making jokes.

I couldn't wait to see you, and finally it was 3pm and you were there. We spent the rest of the day together. First shopping for the gifts and after wards relaxing on the couch, getting cozy together while watching the movie, spending the special moment together.

Dinner wasn't great but I guess was happy, you were with me, after wards that stupid funny movie. And soon the weekend was over, you were home and was I. I wish, we had more time to spend the next 4 days too. I hope to see you Wednesday and Thursday evening at least to have dinner together and hopefully get to see you Friday before you leave.

Awww another whole month, its going to be a long month, weekends will kill me, evenings will run after me and the entire day without talking to me will make the days feel longer than ever. I hope I will get to do some fun stuff, that will help me.

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