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A month is over, you are back today and I am having butterflies in my stomach.

The moment I found out, I will be coming to pick you up, I was happy, nervous, everything. I did so much things during the day. When the time was coming closer, I was getting even more nervous, I wanted to see you so much, wanted to give you a big hug and so much kisses.

So, around 6.15pm, I headed to Herbergers thinking, I will drop into that store and it will be perfect timing to pick you up. But to my surprise, found out, your flight is delayed. I waited waited again waited, finally I got your message. Oh that moment, I couldn't wait to see you. As I reached airport, traffic in those lanes, I didn't want to wait anymore not even few seconds. The very moment I saw you, I couldn't wait to hug you. It was one of the best feelings to be able to hug you after so much wait.

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