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Farmers market in Lyndale together on a fine Sunday morning.

Even though we went to bed past 3am. all the girls woke up so early. So, some of the girls left after coffee and some of us after having breakfast. It was a good time together with girls definitely. I would do it again. At around 10am, myself and Anshu left Woodbury. I dropped her and headed home.

After reaching home, we went to the Farmers Market together. I was so sleepy walking around, but I had you to lean against. The morning Fish Taco was good. And after coming home, we finally finished 'Inception' which we hadn't finished since last December. After the movie, you took a short nap while I was thinking what to eat. Then we had lunch/dinner at 5pm. As always, I looked at the clock multiple times, thinking you will leave in few. And my wish remains same as always. But, being with you, is one of the best feelings, I can never explain 'my precious'.

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