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Summer of 2010, the circumstances were different.

You were not alone for the beginning , then I was moving. But then we both were alone. But it is one of the best summer so far for me. Despite your busy-ness with school work, we did so much things together. We didn't go on a trip which we should this year hopefully.

Compared to last year, its different this year. You know why its different. Although I wish......Well, I was hoping to do more things this year, make it a better summer together. Now that I know class is running till September, I wonder sadly. Its already mid of June, two more months to go, I want to do so much together, but I am not sure if anything will happen.

For me, its going to be same old routine, work, home, gym, then home and same old same old boring stuff. But, I do hope and wish, we will make it a good summer together, doing whatever we can and make the best out of it.


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