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The day I realized my tears, my feelings mean nothing, simply nothing.

It breaks my heart but not sure why it is the way it is. Today I am not able to express how I feel. I slept good, said bye to you and came to work. I wish I was able to stay in bed longer though. Feelings are never easy to express in moments like this. I don't want to talk to anyone.

My mind is in a state, I never thought, it will be.Last night made me realize a lot of something, something I thought may be not true. Now I know me, my feelings and my tears do not mean anything, sadly it simply has no meaning.

Every time, the thought comes to my mind, I find the tears falling off my cheek.
I don't easily get emotional, but in this case, I can't seem to be able to control.

First time taking a Full Body Workout after a long time. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but it sure was good. Thanks to my long time, very best friend.

The thought keeps coming, no matter what I do. I slowly find the tears falling off my cheeks. I need a new life.

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