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Things have not been how I had pictured, after you came back.

I was planning spending the weekend together. As you were getting sicker, I didn't see that happening. Although I thought, may be we will but I wasn't sure. On Saturday, me and one of my friends met in mall, to shop for gifts. After spending almost 6 hours in the Mall walking walking walking, we decided to stop and head home.

On the way, out, I went to my friends to pick my stuff, had tea, Nimki, chit chat and headed home. On the way, I returned the pillows. Before I drove out from the lot, I made a call again. Finally, you picked up my call. Apparently, your phone never rang the previously two times.

So, thats when our real weekend started. Saturday finished and Sunday went so fast too. But, even after spending so much time together, it was still not enough. I was looking at the clock and worrying, you will leave in few but you had to. Sometimes I wish......

I need some good thoughts before my entries get boring.


been there. I know what you feel. Missing and wanting someone to be close to you at one moment but just couldn't. Personally, it kills my mood.

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