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Tuesday, second day of the work week before long weekend.

When I was in the class last night, I knew my back might hurt this morning. So, at 7am, my alarm went off. I had no sense that my fingers are not my phone to snooze my phone alarm. I heard my alarm at 7.15am again and this time, I realized, my back is hurting and I do not want to get up.

So, I woke up at 7.20am, got my stuff ready for gym and went for shower. Got ready, got out at 8am from home.

I came in, I was told about the Reg run last night.Thats when I realized I might have forgot to made a modification to a build file. I just checked in, fingers crossed,I am confident,that will solve the problem.And yes, I don't want to hear anyone talk today, I am wearing the earplugs.

Sometimes feels like, life has no meaning, sometimes feels like hope is dying and sometimes speechless how its going,.....

To be continued......


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