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A good Friday evening with a friend, now its time for a new plan Saturday.

I was waiting a friend's call to tell me what's going on. Around 11am, I got a call, we are meeting in so and so Park. But the time kept changing in matter of an hour and then it got finalized.

I drove to the Park, but the exit that I was supposed to take had East and West, which I had missed to write down. Finding that Park and getting to the right place was a little challenging in that 90 degree heat. But, overall was a nice day to be outside, picnicking in the Park with few friends.

Got some mosquito bites but bug spray helped a lot. The Canoeing, was fun too, except I got too scared sitting on it while my friends tease me all the way. And seeing the little three year old, enjoy being in the beach, made the evening better.


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