August 28, 2011

La Crosse, WI last weekend of August 2011..

I was excited about this trip yet, didn't know how it would go. But, it was fantastic, something I will always remember.

Who gets up on a Saturday morning at 6.40am, gets fresh and starts getting ready for the trip. But, guess what, we did. The Cambodian Bihar to breakfast. The momo lunch in the park to the Perot State Park 4 plus hour hiking. After wards the roaming around in La Crosse downtown searching for the hotel, oh lord. Almost ended up sleeping in the 3 Series.

After finding the hotel, freshened up, then the dinner, some German beer along with Call Break, awesome. I mean it couldn't be better.

Sunday started pretty early too with a special breakfast together. It was nice to have breakfast together like that. Then the Boat Cruise, picture time, then again picture time after the Boat Cruise outside the Museum. Roaming around that small down town, then heading back to Red Wing. That 20 some foot Red Wing boot, along with some late lunch. Hanging out, making jokes, everything made it a wonderful weekend together.

Then again, heading back to the cities, then stopping over in Bloomington, chit chat with a cup tea in hand. Reaching home after wards, was kinda boring, tiring everything. But, regardless, it was an awesome awesome weekend together.

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August 23, 2011

Sometimes when you look back and read the old emails, old write ups, brings smile on your face.

It happens to me often. As for today, I was going through some emails from May and June, brought smile on my face. Remembered some things from then.

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August 19, 2011

A Friday which changed a lot of things...

Thursday night, after dinner I was watching news, thats when I felt, itchiness on my neck, arms etc. I didn't know how bad it was until I woke up at 12.50am. My eyes opened and next thing, I realized is, I was itching everywhere. I had a feeling, may be I was having allergic reaction and there it was. It was bad, my body has started to feel hot.

I got ready quickly and headed out to Walgreens. I had to drive about 5 miles, and as I was about to take turn, I saw its closed. I said to my self, now I am in trouble. I thought Cub Foods might be opened so I went there and got some medicine and came home. I was scared. Itchiness had increased, my right should had started to feel weird and so was my neck. I took the medicine, I was scared, really scared what if, the medicine didn't work. But, I was prepared to call either 911 or run to ER.

This is where I realized even more, you need to have someone next to you specially for moments like this. When you are alone, you only have yourself but anyone. That very moment I missed my parents. I remembered that day I was in ER with the allergic reaction which was over a decade ago. Finally around 2.30am I went to bed. At that time, I didn't know something really unexpected was going to happen.

I heard my phone ring, I wondered this early, there I heard a really bad news. And I don't know, whether it got better or worse. Whatever happened, just didn't seem to be fair, but its life. Life is never fair, specially to people, who work really hard and those who are very nice. Bad things always stay away from selfish, bad, irresponsible people for some reason. So, now whats going to happen is what worries me. I hope things will go fine.

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August 18, 2011

One special evening.....

An evening, we had dinner together in Don Pablo's with me in my new Wrap Tunic, with my Mudd Jeans along with my GUESS peep toe with....

After the dinner, hanging out, outside of Don Pablo's, talking about different stuff, in a nice cool evening, made the evening nicer.

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August 16, 2011

My Tuesday night short little shopping, including Sunday's sandal.

Black Wrap tunic with Embroidery

Black Rialto SandalSecond pair of this year

Black sandal from Liz Claborne from DSW Third pair of this year
Liz Claiborne.png

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August 14, 2011

Part of the weekend spent with friends and us together..

Great Friday evening with some wine, beer and momo. Then a brief Saturday afternoon at friend's. And entire Sunday afternoon, shopping in the mall for bunch of stuff.

And today being August 14th, 2011, its the second anniversary of my procedure "l. per m." I remember that morning, those moments, that day.

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August 8, 2011

For a moment, I thought things are going fine and I am happy.

Now I am not sure anymore.I have no clue where I stand anymore. Things are getting more and more complicate, so complicate that things might go two ways or may be seems like going nowhere unfortunately.

A person with not so good luck, however happens to be lucky for others.

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August 5, 2011

This week seemed to go faster than usual.

I assume knowing I would see you on Tuesday made it easier. I got the unsolved issues from a couple of weeks also solved which felt good. Here I am on a Friday night, writing this entry, missing you as always. I wish you were with me right now, help you feel better but priorities are priorities. I hope you get your work done tonight and you feel better too.

A late night out on a special day Tuesday made the week go faster. Needless to say, but it was a good night out during a week day. Simply great, on top of everything the Red Roses made it more special.

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August 2, 2011

730 days of togetherness............

The time spent together is full of happiness, silliness, at times sadness,madness, you name it, its the mixture of everything. Regardless, memories made together are priceless.

All day, waited to see you, after 2 years we are here together, happy with each other, despite all the good and bad times together. Hoping things will improve and we will be happy together forever.

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