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A Friday which changed a lot of things...

Thursday night, after dinner I was watching news, thats when I felt, itchiness on my neck, arms etc. I didn't know how bad it was until I woke up at 12.50am. My eyes opened and next thing, I realized is, I was itching everywhere. I had a feeling, may be I was having allergic reaction and there it was. It was bad, my body has started to feel hot.

I got ready quickly and headed out to Walgreens. I had to drive about 5 miles, and as I was about to take turn, I saw its closed. I said to my self, now I am in trouble. I thought Cub Foods might be opened so I went there and got some medicine and came home. I was scared. Itchiness had increased, my right should had started to feel weird and so was my neck. I took the medicine, I was scared, really scared what if, the medicine didn't work. But, I was prepared to call either 911 or run to ER.

This is where I realized even more, you need to have someone next to you specially for moments like this. When you are alone, you only have yourself but anyone. That very moment I missed my parents. I remembered that day I was in ER with the allergic reaction which was over a decade ago. Finally around 2.30am I went to bed. At that time, I didn't know something really unexpected was going to happen.

I heard my phone ring, I wondered this early, there I heard a really bad news. And I don't know, whether it got better or worse. Whatever happened, just didn't seem to be fair, but its life. Life is never fair, specially to people, who work really hard and those who are very nice. Bad things always stay away from selfish, bad, irresponsible people for some reason. So, now whats going to happen is what worries me. I hope things will go fine.

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