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La Crosse, WI last weekend of August 2011..

I was excited about this trip yet, didn't know how it would go. But, it was fantastic, something I will always remember.

Who gets up on a Saturday morning at 6.40am, gets fresh and starts getting ready for the trip. But, guess what, we did. The Cambodian Bihar to breakfast. The momo lunch in the park to the Perot State Park 4 plus hour hiking. After wards the roaming around in La Crosse downtown searching for the hotel, oh lord. Almost ended up sleeping in the 3 Series.

After finding the hotel, freshened up, then the dinner, some German beer along with Call Break, awesome. I mean it couldn't be better.

Sunday started pretty early too with a special breakfast together. It was nice to have breakfast together like that. Then the Boat Cruise, picture time, then again picture time after the Boat Cruise outside the Museum. Roaming around that small down town, then heading back to Red Wing. That 20 some foot Red Wing boot, along with some late lunch. Hanging out, making jokes, everything made it a wonderful weekend together.

Then again, heading back to the cities, then stopping over in Bloomington, chit chat with a cup tea in hand. Reaching home after wards, was kinda boring, tiring everything. But, regardless, it was an awesome awesome weekend together.

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