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Labor Day weekend, the last long weekend of the summer...

I had things planned for each day. The weekend was spectacular, I didn't want the weekend to be over. It was so nice to see you everyday my darling. I couldn't be happier.

Friday night Puri Aloo, achaar with some beer. Came along interesting conversation, beautiful pictures, jokes and late night tea. Then Saturday a BBQ get together at friends with friends. Sunday A Housewarming at another friends once again with friends. And Monday the whole day from afternoon till evening with you, was the best. It was nice roaming around, walking in Minnesota Arboretum.

I wish today was yesterday, but the day had to end, we had to be at our own places. But the memory remains, as always you are in my mind and heart. And this moment I am thinking about you, hoping to see you soon.

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