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Swonti nakha: aley nhu da 1132

Friday was a long day, work and then flights. I reached Dallas around 7pm and hung out house for few hours and then to dai's. It was nice meeting tataaju, and family members. By the time, brothers were home, it was almost 1am.

It started out early at 8am or so.A busy day, preparing for Mha Puja. After Mha puja and lunch, round afternoon, went to meet my friends, hung out there for little over an hour and then back to home, to prepare for Kija Puja. A busy day ended with a lot of stuff done along with a lot of fun with family and friends.

Started around after 9.30am or so. Then after breakfast, Nhas cha left and we all went out to get some stuff done and then after wards lunch. I reached MSP at sharp 7.45pm, couldn't wait to see you. Momo party and hanging out with friends just made it wonderful.

@ Monday
I had a good sleep and felt so fresh that I miss me and miss feeling this good. I wish I always get this good sleep.


Really no matter if someone doesn't understand
after that its up to other people that they will assist,
so here it takes place.

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