November 29, 2011

One evening with a 'special one' in a special way, made the evening more special

For a moment, I thought you forgot about today. I wanted to see you too but again our day was busy as well as the evening due to class. However, I didn't want to tell you to see me, though. To be honest I did wish to see you.

When I got the text message, I had a feeling may be, may be you are here. So, I was thinking I am hungry, what to eat etc etc. I opened the door, when I saw you inside, with the candles lit, I couldn't be happier. It was more than I had wished for. And I was speechless.

All I wanted today, was to see you and may be have a small drink together. But, you were there with candles lit, with everything ready for late night dinner, was so wonderful. To be precise, it was more than I had wished for, you did great my love.

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November 20, 2011

The awesome birthday Fiesta together

Weather didn't help but the party was fun. It was a cold snowy day in twin cities, which made the party start very late. But, yet things went as planned.

I didn't plan to stay over but with the weather I just did. The whole day with you, the evening, the morning, oh now I miss you, and its not even been 8 hours I saw you. I can't wait to see you tomorrow and the few more times this week.

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November 15, 2011

A new pair of shoe shopping during the lunch time

I can't wait to receive this shoe in mail. I am so excited, my new shoes come qucikly, I can't wait to wear you and look hot.

Worthington Metro Shootie.jpg

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November 14, 2011

My frustration has led me to I don't know what.

I work out regularly, I think I eat healthy too. But the past over 6 months, I am only seeing my weight # go down. I started LA Fitness , but no good result. Yesterday I went to the gym and talked to a trainer. I was so disappointed to see me on scale million lbs. I used to weigh 118 and high used to be 120 lbs. I know I am doing something very wrong, and I have yet to figure that out.

My diet will have 4 egg whites from tonight.

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November 13, 2011

Somehow feels like, its been a long time we spent time together.

The past couple of weekends, we have been spending time with friends. For me, I need that time with you, where we two can talk, joke, discuss whatever we want. Finally this weekend felt like, we spent sometime talking.

Its so great to be together, moments spent as always are priceless and trying to define those moments, speechless.

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November 12, 2011

Get together with few friends along with momo for dinner.

Finally after waiting for a whole week, the 'Saturday' came. I was little worried, how its going to be since its the first time with all together like that. The day started out fine and so did the afternoon. The evening was even better, I think everyone had fun. At least, I felt like that.

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November 11, 2011

Once again, the day has come to drink 24oz of water and go to see her.

I'm a little nervous, hope things are okay but yet not sure. Should I or should I not? I can't wait for this to be over today.

Everything went normal and I feel a little relief.

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November 6, 2011

Shopping at JCPenney

After waiting for over a year and half, I found a new purse in the color I wanted. Purse is somewhat similar to what I have but the color is what I wanted which is why I had to have it.By the way, its 'Tahoe Teal', here is the different color, however picture doesn't do justice.

St.Johns Carly's shopper purse

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November 5, 2011

November 5th, a very good Swontu nakha: bhoye

I was excited to find out, we will be doing the bhoye. The very moment, I started planning what to cook, how to cook etc etc.I like to cook and when it comes to serving others, I enjoy it even more. So, after waiting over a week, finally the day had come.

I got up early, went to farmers market. On the way back, went to get the car wash done and then made the nya golbheyda. Lal Mohan, aloo tusi achaar, paun kwa and nya golbheyda, were all cooked. Then it was time to make Tooka:n cha and khaayaula. Of course bhootan and chon aloo were your dishes.

I didn't bother to eat breakfast, with all the excitement of get together I guess. Around 4pm, everything was done. We got fresh, while reading paper, had some tea too discussing some business stuff, two of the friends arrived. Then it was time for appetizer, with some drink and along with card game. Then the evening just better and better.

Traditional Laptay bhoye along with all the family and friends were great. Everything tasted good and everyone enjoyed. After dinner, clean up dishes, then we all sat down, and started chit chatting about different different stuff . The evening got better. One very good nakha get together planned by you and me.

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