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November 5th, a very good Swontu nakha: bhoye

I was excited to find out, we will be doing the bhoye. The very moment, I started planning what to cook, how to cook etc etc.I like to cook and when it comes to serving others, I enjoy it even more. So, after waiting over a week, finally the day had come.

I got up early, went to farmers market. On the way back, went to get the car wash done and then made the nya golbheyda. Lal Mohan, aloo tusi achaar, paun kwa and nya golbheyda, were all cooked. Then it was time to make Tooka:n cha and khaayaula. Of course bhootan and chon aloo were your dishes.

I didn't bother to eat breakfast, with all the excitement of get together I guess. Around 4pm, everything was done. We got fresh, while reading paper, had some tea too discussing some business stuff, two of the friends arrived. Then it was time for appetizer, with some drink and along with card game. Then the evening just better and better.

Traditional Laptay bhoye along with all the family and friends were great. Everything tasted good and everyone enjoyed. After dinner, clean up dishes, then we all sat down, and started chit chatting about different different stuff . The evening got better. One very good nakha get together planned by you and me.


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