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One evening with a 'special one' in a special way, made the evening more special

For a moment, I thought you forgot about today. I wanted to see you too but again our day was busy as well as the evening due to class. However, I didn't want to tell you to see me, though. To be honest I did wish to see you.

When I got the text message, I had a feeling may be, may be you are here. So, I was thinking I am hungry, what to eat etc etc. I opened the door, when I saw you inside, with the candles lit, I couldn't be happier. It was more than I had wished for. And I was speechless.

All I wanted today, was to see you and may be have a small drink together. But, you were there with candles lit, with everything ready for late night dinner, was so wonderful. To be precise, it was more than I had wished for, you did great my love.


so nice place
it seem realy romantice place

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