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Smiling reading all those emails, memories......

There I was in my hotmail, surfing through old emails. That's when I ended up reading the first email you sent me in my inbox. I read one, then my reply, your email and my reply. It kept going for few minutes, may be a dozen emails. Now that I read these email, every email had that indication that may be an interest to know each other.

Starting September, the emails started to get official. The stranger-ness kinda slowly disappeared from the email and every conversation you know. And after 2 and half years, here we are enjoying each other, happy together, arguing at times, discussing things at others,making plans other times. But I cherish every moment we have spent together.

When I sent that first message, I didn't know this is what was going to happen. I am glad I wrote to you, and I can't get enough of you.

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