January 31, 2012

My life......

Sometimes, I get depressed easily. Reason, nothing is going in right direction in my life is how I feel. And everything just hits me, makes me sleepless. I haven't been able to do anything either. Stuck on a point, not moving up which I need it badly.

Well, reason for writing this entry, so after I got back from SL,I had started to feel, why am I here? May be I should move away? May be.....My thoughts had a lot of may be's but I didn't exactly know what that was about.

But, since you got back, I am feeling like myself again. Almost feels like my life is back to normal.

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January 22, 2012

A Gloomy Sunday, woke up with a beep beep of the Carbon monixide detector...

Here was I was sleeping so nicely, suddenly I heard this beep beep. For a moment, I thought oh no, fire alarm, in this cold morning when I really want to sleep in. But after I heard few beeps, I know the battery was dying instead. Finally I woke up, cleaned the bathroom, took shower. I put two loads of clothes in the washing machine, while it was getting done, cleaned the kitchen counters as well.

Thought of calling you, a part of me was telling me,"Don't call, you might be disappointed." I dialed the number and when I heard your voice, I knew what I needed to do. That just left me feel even worse than I already was feeling. Anyway,now I know what I need to do. A complete disappointment, I don't know why I called.

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January 21, 2012

One cold winter day, looking out the window,all I see is white snow outside.....

The weekend started, its Saturday afternoon,I have no plan whatsoever. I stayed in bed till late,took a shower,had oatmeal for breakfast and headed out.My first stop was bank, second was CVS Pharmacy, third was Sams Club and finally Cub Foods.I got the pictures printed in CVS, got grocery from Sams and Cub Foods. After everything got done, I came home,made a cup of tea.

Since the time I woke up today,I checked my phone like million times, thinking you might be calling, Did I miss the call? But,it never rang, I was a little disappointed though.I tried to call Nhas cha, it went to voice mail. So, here I am at home, watching Friends on TBS, will make some lunch/dinner and enjoy the TV at home alone.

As always I have no one around to talk to when I want to. I feel a little sad but I am doing things whatever I can to get over this loneliness. I haven't forgotten to SMILE though. :)

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January 15, 2012

Back to reality, vacation is over until the next one....

Colombo-Paris-Chicago and finally Minneapolis, now its back to reality. Until the next vacation, same old routine, get up, freshen up, get ready, go to work, go to gym, come home, surf net, job hunt and time to go to bed.

Get up next morning and same routine over and over. After 5 days of work, weekend will come, hang out with friends, do different stuff and its over. Boy, this seems like a boring routine, isn't it? Yeah, sometimes it does get old but again, interesting things happen and at times we make it interesting by planning different things.

I have a feeling something good will happen, will be able to accomplish new things, good luck to me.....

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January 14, 2012

Thinking about you....

So, here I am in the airport in Colombo on the way back to MSP, waiting and thinking about you. I wish you were here with me.

Entire evening I thought about you, how it would have been if we had know about this beach before.



This beach is so nice, in the day, it would have been perfect.I missed you the whole time, wished you were with me. How romantic it would have been to enjoy this beach, take a walk etc etc. But it has remained a wish and it will until next time, we make it here in this island.




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January 11, 2012

The situation, the disappointment‏

I was a little worried how things would be and now this turned out worse than I thought. Few more days left and I am now more and more worried. I am so disappointed at myself. I feel like he came over with me, and now after this treatment, he must be so disappointed as well but he is so nice, he is not saying anything.

I guess I should have known, the moment, I found out, I was taking cab from the airport.But,I then thought, it made sense for us to come in cab since its a long drive here during that traffic time.The first day wasn't that bad, second was worse and now every day is getting worse. If we didn't plan our own plans the past two days, it would have been really bad.

I want to write so much, but my thoughts are extremely heavily full of disappointment and little bit of hurt feeling that, I can't seem to write it correctly either. Few more days, oh my god. At least right now, you are here with me, you will leave Friday morning, then I am not sure how it will turn out. God help me, if I am a nice person, something nice should happen.

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January 10, 2012

Today was a good day, we made the best out of it.

Warana and Kelania were two very good places. We did pretty good today. I am a little disappointed at my friend which is making me feel like I can't wait to go back to Minneapolis and have my same routine days.

When we reached Warana, we had the best feeling ever. It was so quiet and relaxing, we couldn't ask for more. We did pretty good by renting the car with the driver today. The driver was friendly and he took us to Kelania temple which is so beautiful. After few minutes of us reaching there, people were playing drums, we had no clue what was going on. Later our driver Aichin told us the whole story behind people drumming. There were few females making rounds around the bo tree. We knew there were some reason behind it later we found out what it meant.

A very nice day, made it to two different temples, ate an onion looking Coconut and drank coconut water. Here is the picture of it.

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January 9, 2012

Kandy, the place where Buddha's asti dhaato is...

Today we went to Kandy, which was a disappointment as it sounded like a nice town/city with less crowd. It was so crowded, hot, bad traffic oh god. Although I felt good going to the temple.

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January 7, 2012

Oh we are finally in Sri Lanka, its hot, humid and crowded.

I wasn't expecting how hot and humid it would be here. I can't imagine how hot it is going to be, when we go out each day. I am sure, will get really tan.

We landed on time as we were filling up the Immigration form, our names were called in the airport. For a moment, we were surprised, wha wha what???? Then I knew Tathi must have done this. We were laughing as our names were getting announced however.,

So, did the immigration stuff and followed the lady who came was waiting for us. We took the cab and came to my friend's place from the airport. It took us 1 and half hour to get to the house. We were super hungry by the time, we reached. We sat and talked for little bit and had lunch. I was so hungry since I had threw up everything due to Turbulence. The food tasted so good, I ate like I haven't had any food for days, haha......

So, now we have checked into Panorama and now we have freshen up and now waiting it to be 7pm to go our for Japanese dinner with friends and family. The first day/evening in Sri Lanka.

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January 5, 2012

So finally today, we are on our way to Sri Lanka...

From almost a decade, I have been saying I will come. As I always say, things happen for a reason. I believe I have not gone yet, because I was supposed to go with you. I am glad that we are going together to this beautiful island together. MSP -Chicago-London-Colombo, I am a little nervous but I think things would be fine.

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