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A Gloomy Sunday, woke up with a beep beep of the Carbon monixide detector...

Here was I was sleeping so nicely, suddenly I heard this beep beep. For a moment, I thought oh no, fire alarm, in this cold morning when I really want to sleep in. But after I heard few beeps, I know the battery was dying instead. Finally I woke up, cleaned the bathroom, took shower. I put two loads of clothes in the washing machine, while it was getting done, cleaned the kitchen counters as well.

Thought of calling you, a part of me was telling me,"Don't call, you might be disappointed." I dialed the number and when I heard your voice, I knew what I needed to do. That just left me feel even worse than I already was feeling. Anyway,now I know what I need to do. A complete disappointment, I don't know why I called.

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