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One cold winter day, looking out the window,all I see is white snow outside.....

The weekend started, its Saturday afternoon,I have no plan whatsoever. I stayed in bed till late,took a shower,had oatmeal for breakfast and headed out.My first stop was bank, second was CVS Pharmacy, third was Sams Club and finally Cub Foods.I got the pictures printed in CVS, got grocery from Sams and Cub Foods. After everything got done, I came home,made a cup of tea.

Since the time I woke up today,I checked my phone like million times, thinking you might be calling, Did I miss the call? But,it never rang, I was a little disappointed though.I tried to call Nhas cha, it went to voice mail. So, here I am at home, watching Friends on TBS, will make some lunch/dinner and enjoy the TV at home alone.

As always I have no one around to talk to when I want to. I feel a little sad but I am doing things whatever I can to get over this loneliness. I haven't forgotten to SMILE though. :)


good job for having written this article

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