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The situation, the disappointment‏

I was a little worried how things would be and now this turned out worse than I thought. Few more days left and I am now more and more worried. I am so disappointed at myself. I feel like he came over with me, and now after this treatment, he must be so disappointed as well but he is so nice, he is not saying anything.

I guess I should have known, the moment, I found out, I was taking cab from the airport.But,I then thought, it made sense for us to come in cab since its a long drive here during that traffic time.The first day wasn't that bad, second was worse and now every day is getting worse. If we didn't plan our own plans the past two days, it would have been really bad.

I want to write so much, but my thoughts are extremely heavily full of disappointment and little bit of hurt feeling that, I can't seem to write it correctly either. Few more days, oh my god. At least right now, you are here with me, you will leave Friday morning, then I am not sure how it will turn out. God help me, if I am a nice person, something nice should happen.

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