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Today was a good day, we made the best out of it.

Warana and Kelania were two very good places. We did pretty good today. I am a little disappointed at my friend which is making me feel like I can't wait to go back to Minneapolis and have my same routine days.

When we reached Warana, we had the best feeling ever. It was so quiet and relaxing, we couldn't ask for more. We did pretty good by renting the car with the driver today. The driver was friendly and he took us to Kelania temple which is so beautiful. After few minutes of us reaching there, people were playing drums, we had no clue what was going on. Later our driver Aichin told us the whole story behind people drumming. There were few females making rounds around the bo tree. We knew there were some reason behind it later we found out what it meant.

A very nice day, made it to two different temples, ate an onion looking Coconut and drank coconut water. Here is the picture of it.


I see you were travelling all around my beautiful country!... The Buddhists making rounds around the bo tree to honer the tree for helping "Prince Sidhuhath" to become "Lord Buddha" !

Also forgot to Thank you about letting the people know about my Country, Thanks!

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