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I wish,I wish,I wish things were different............

There are days,I find myself with lots of may bes. Today is the day of lots of I wish. I hate to be annoyed but whenever that question gets asked, I get irritated seems like. I don't know what I am going to do.Sometimes I just want to say,I am done with everything, I mean everything. But again, it comes down to that one thing 'I wish'.

Before my entry sounds any depressing, I will write about something that happened, a 10-15 minute delay that caused everything.

At 5pm, I noticed some new check-ins coming in. I sent a message to M. We only talked for few minutes, and it was 5.15pm. I rushed to the LL parking lot, started my car, didn't wait for it to heat up and drove away. With all the traffic lights, by the time I reached Hopkins LA, it was 5.35pm.

To my surprise, I made rounds and rounds to find the Parking. By that time I parked and got out of my car, I had 5 minutes to change and head to class. As I opened the classroom door, I noticed, its full. I came out and then again thought, I might be able to squeeze in.So, I did. I went for the weights, and there were no 5lbs but only 7.5 lbs and no mats left either. I started following the warm up routine.

7.5lbs seems like nothing, but when you start doing the repetitions, it gets hard to keep up. I had to stop in between because 7.5 were getting heavier and heavier. I however finished the class. After all this, I didn't even finish the ab work and left. I called it a day.


We all have days when we want desperately our lives to be different. We want to change things completely, but may be we should just change our point of view instead. It would be much easier!

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