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Life, once again is taking a big test from me, may be is the end coming soon.

What is it? Why is this happening? Who knows? Who? Things have getting extremely hard than it should be. I am not sure why someone enjoys making it this hard. It shouldn't be this hard but the person might be enjoying making this way.

I'm not sure what to do this point. There have been many thoughts, today I even started thinking really seriously about something. I might pursue that the next time I talk to Ren. I am not sure if this is a right or wrong thing to do. My heart says wrong, my mind also says, this might be wrong. But again when I look at the situation, my mind and heart says do it. After all, I am the one who is suffers/suffering.

So, much of so many things I had thought. So many hopes were there, now those seem to be dying soon. How could someone do this to you? Someone you really....But this is life, what can you do when someone enjoys this. Words have remained just words, sometimes really hurtful and painful to digest, and the words do not mean anything anymore.Memories don't mean anything anymore, nor the good times and bad times spent together.

May be, time to start deleting memories from the memory, from the memory stick, jump drive everywhere. The thoughts make you emotional, but thats all there is to say, do, feel. Sometimes thats just the way to relief your pain, because when the one who should understand doesn't understand the pain you are going through.

Then again, thoughts come, yeah physical memories will be easy to delete by just hitting a single button, lighting a match, tearing down. But, the hardest part would be to delete it from the most important parts, Heart and Mind.

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