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It is just another day...

One more day, I woke up really tired. I started thinking, did I snore ? Did I dream all night? Did I what? I couldn't think of a reason, anymore why I woke up so tired, almost like sleepless.

After work, I finally went to Full Body Works and Abs class. I was worried, again I might feel like no energy, but I did the full class. I felt so good about that. I met up and chit chat with my fren Mel too. It was so nice to catch up after 2 weeks.

On the way to my apartment, I met my long time very good friend. Few minutes of talk made me feel good. We hadn't seen or talked for months even though we live in the same building and same floor, hahaha....


I've also noticed that about myself, that no matter how tired I feel, when am done with my work out or Pilates class for the day,I feel so refreshed.I love reading, your posts, Anjana, for simply sharing moments out of your daily life, so hope you do not feel so tired anymore.

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