June 24, 2012

One more weekend, we spent days shopping in Maple Grove and Southdale mall.

Saturday started the journey in DSW, saw a pair of shoes, it wasn't quite what I was looking for so I didn't get one. Two shirts in Marshalls, then Jimmy Johns for sandwich, Caribou Coffee for Coffee. Then finally to Kohls to find some sportswear. I found SO® Platform Wedge Sandals, which became third pair of this year and found some white t-shirts as well with a sportswear skinny. The skinny gray with orange. I liked the color, I had to get it for you.

SO Platform.jpg

Sunday started in Macy's, found a nice pair of shoes, but it was too expensive $95. I passed that one, moved to clothes. I did find a thin evening top, then 2 pairs of dress pants. Started feeling sleepy made a stop in Caribou Coffee. While having coffee, started doing people watch where we met some friends. After sitting there for an hour, followed with Express and Herbergers. Express found t-shirts, a nice purse and then another top in Herbergers. So, the weekend shopping journey was over.

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June 21, 2012

Saturday evening started with grocery and the stopover in DSW

I was looking for an Orange pair, and 'Kelly & Katie Wilma Wedge Sandal' happened to be one. As soon as I saw it, I was in love with it. I tried and showed you, and I had to have them.

The second pair of 2012 just rocks, a red pair is in the store somewhere.


I thought its really orange but when I looked at close, its not quiet Orange but I still love it.

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June 13, 2012

Getting the Front Brake hoses done...

Things worked out okay, mean time driving the Mercedes C300 series was nice for a bit. For some reason, always have loved the name Mercedes Benz. And in general, I love some of the German cars, some are hot...


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June 9, 2012

The day we purchased the Kawasaki Ninza.

I have always loved this bike and now we have it. This is just so hottttttt, and I simply love it. Now, soon would like to go on a ride.


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