July 25, 2012

The second seminar, topic "What's your Why?" and How to achieve it?

The speakers did less talking and let us do more workshop, that definitely made it worthwhile and interesting. I met some new people and learned some new things as well. Hopefully I will find better ways to do things.

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July 24, 2012

Riding the Kawasaki Ninza to Stillwater at 80 miles per hour.

We were thinking of a bike ride to Stillwater last weekend, it didn't happen and it did today. It was a great ride however 80 miles round trip. My left foot kept going on sleep and your left hand. Overall, it was fun walking around there and having the ice cream made it much better.

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July 23, 2012

Sleep Study which is my last hope to my problem.

I was nervous during the day time. As the day progressed, getting ready to leave. I reached there few minutes before 8.30pm. The place was really quiet, pin drop silence.

I got ready to be in bed after brushing teeth. The started reading the book and texting you at the same time. The first few minutes, I watched TV as well. But I figured reading book much better anyway. I started getting hungry and I ate my Wai wai. After reading 2 chapters started getting sleepy so went inisde the comforter. About few minutes after the Diane came and we started getting ready with wires all over. We even tried that funny mas thingy and I took of picture of mine and sent your way haha..

She asked me what brought me there etc etc. By the time, it was done, I had more than dozen wires around me, all over my head, face, body. We did some checks and then ti was time for me to bed. Since the place and bed changed, as always had hard time falling asleep. Around 3am, I had to use restroom, she came over and unplugged few wires. After I finished my business, we put the wires back and I went to bed. When I saw myself, I looked funny, wires all over my head, it was sticky to even touch my head.

Again around 6.30am, I had to go, same thing again except different lady. I was surprised nobody woke me up and put the CPA thingy. Either its good or its bad, is what I could think of. I felt tired as usual, wanted to sleep more. Thinking there is only 1 hr left to get up, mad it worse I guess. At 7.30am, I heard A....its 7.30am. Don't move, lay down and I will be there to help you remove wires. It took about 15 minutes to get over with those.

I was debating on taking wash there, but I fixed my hair a bit as it had glue all over. There was a bit of traffic on 62, took 100 and put to 394 then to home. Got ready back to work, tired a little but hoping the results will come out good. And the results will help me fix my sleep issue. Then it will solve my weight, hunger, tired issue as well. Fingers crossed......

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July 20, 2012

Finally I got a good 10 minute sleep this morning, definitely a good thing.

This morning I talked to Nhas, after five weeks she is back from home.She came with a different status, life has changed, so many interesting things Happened as well for her in the past 5 weeks. Here I am standing on the same point. I am actually moving behind on everything, I have no good news to share, nothing That is interesting nor happy things to share with her. It is in a way sad.

It seems like things will never get better for me, it will only get worse, it's a pessimist thought But, where I am today, its just how it is.

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July 16, 2012

How I felt today is unexplainable....

It tends to happen every so often, and today was one of those. I started feeling worse as the day progressed. At 7.11pm, feels a bit better but not completely. I started thinking of you too Nhas. Its been almost 5 weeks, I haven't talked to you. I remember you mentioned the same thing when I was home last time. I am hesitant to talk and say anything at this point. As of now, I don't feel like talking to anyone. May be we can talk when you are back this Thursday and you will have a lot of stories to share with me. It will be nice. For a moment I was thinking may be I am depressed. So depressed that, I had no desire to speak, do much.

I got few stuff done, and waiting for my laundry to get done. I feel miserable for some reason.Some days are just like this I suppose when you don't know what you should be doing, you don't know why you feel the way you feel. You keep thinking, you start feeling miserable, head starts getting heavier and you know you are losing and the depression or the whatever it is, takes control over you and your mind.

To be continued........

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July 9, 2012

Here I am in the spinning class, but my mind is wondering around as usual.

I am thinking about about every thing that is going around me. I am thinking about all those problems and before I went too far, I stopped myself and concentrated on climbing the hill and spinning in the plain road.

Regardless of all, I got a good workout. After the class is over, as usual Melissa and we chit chat a bit.

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