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How I felt today is unexplainable....

It tends to happen every so often, and today was one of those. I started feeling worse as the day progressed. At 7.11pm, feels a bit better but not completely. I started thinking of you too Nhas. Its been almost 5 weeks, I haven't talked to you. I remember you mentioned the same thing when I was home last time. I am hesitant to talk and say anything at this point. As of now, I don't feel like talking to anyone. May be we can talk when you are back this Thursday and you will have a lot of stories to share with me. It will be nice. For a moment I was thinking may be I am depressed. So depressed that, I had no desire to speak, do much.

I got few stuff done, and waiting for my laundry to get done. I feel miserable for some reason.Some days are just like this I suppose when you don't know what you should be doing, you don't know why you feel the way you feel. You keep thinking, you start feeling miserable, head starts getting heavier and you know you are losing and the depression or the whatever it is, takes control over you and your mind.

To be continued........


Oh,Gosh, Anjana, I feel so much in the same way, that is just crazy how can one understands that the depression is taking over him, but have not wish to even stop it..I am in a current state of apathy and nothing can change it,as I am afraid that even the person I am like that can..But I hope you will feel better soon..and will shed that gloomy feeling..

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