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Riding the Kawasaki Ninza to Stillwater at 80 miles per hour.

We were thinking of a bike ride to Stillwater last weekend, it didn't happen and it did today. It was a great ride however 80 miles round trip. My left foot kept going on sleep and your left hand. Overall, it was fun walking around there and having the ice cream made it much better.


The best way to find out is to stop by a Kawasaki dealership they'll let you sit on aniyhtng. If your feet can't touch the ground flat, you might have trouble if you ever have to make an emergency stop or in stop-and-go-traffic, but at 5'5 I think you'll be fine. 250 cc's is great to start with I still have my Rebel 250, and the Ninja is very light. Always a safe idea to buy a used first bike just in case you do drop it, you won't have lost as much money. Be safe and have fun!

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